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My child has never been left with anyone I’m not sure how they will be at nursery?

There will be many opportunities for you to visit nursery and stay with your child to play until both you and your little one are confident and happy that they remain at nursery. We will always keep you informed as to how they are settling.

How do I know if my child can get eligible funding when they are 2 years old?

You can find this information available online here.
We are always available to have a conversation about this.

How much do sessions cost and how do I pay?

Most of our sessions are funded, please contact us to discuss any specific questions you may have.

Can my child stay at nursery for a whole day?

Yes, we offer sessions from 8:45am until 3:15pm. Children will be required to bring a packed lunch.

Does my child need to bring anything to nursery?

Your child will need to bring a bag containing at least one full change of clothing, nappies or pull-ups, suitable outdoor clothing (hat and gloves) and footwear. Slippers or indoor shoes are also required.
If your child is staying for lunch, they will require a suitable packed lunch.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, we will support you in toilet training your child at the nursery, using a strategy agreed upon with yourself.

Can my child have juice and a biscuit?

We offer healthy snacks including fruit, milk and water. We ask for a small donation of 50p to cover the costs of providing these snacks.

My child isn’t able to speak much yet, how will the staff know what she means?

Our staff have a lot of experience in understanding non-verbal clues, we can also use signs to help understand what your child needs. We would liaise with yourself throughout the time that your child is at the nursery to get an understanding of what your child needs, as you are the person who knows your child and their wants and needs the most.
If you have any concerns about your child’s language development, there are NHS drop in services you can attend with your child and/or with your consent, we can offer a referral to the NHS Speech and Language Therapy service.
Please click here to go to the NHS Dumfries and Galloway Website.
Please click here to send an email to Dumfries and Galloway Speech and Language Therapy

Our family is not from UK how will they understand my child at nursery?

We have a multi-cultural staffing team, some of our staff have English as a second language.
We appreciate and value different cultures, and help the children understand the differences that bring all cultures together. Throughout the year we celebrate different cultures festivals and would encourage you to share traditions, cultures and views with us.

Will my child get to play outside as well as inside?

Yes, we have an outdoor play area. Much of our learning happens outside. Fresh air and physical activity are important to the children’s wellbeing.
We often pop out and about within the local area to parks, libraries and shops which assists with the children’s learning experiences of the community in which they live.

How soon will my child learn to read and write at nursery?

Each child learns at their own pace, and our staff can encourage and support early literacy through play, creativity, access to many books and storytelling at the child’s rate of learning. Structured teaching begins at school, but many play opportunities to strengthen fingers and hands are provided and supported daily such as, playdough, threading beads, Lego and so on. In turn, this enables children to develop the physical strength and skills needed to use writing materials. Drawing and early mark-making opportunities are freely available nursery.

Will my child be able to have a sleep when at nursery?

Yes, we have a dedicated sleeping area for the children to take advantage of if they need to sleep or rest.

Is my child going to be looked after by one particular person?

Your child will have a key worker and they will be your first point of contact in regards learning and wellbeing while at the nursery. However, the children are supported by an excellent team of staff who pride themselves on knowing all our children well.

What if I need to bring the nursery up to date about changes to our family circumstances?

We would always encourage you to inform us of any changes at home. You can do this by talking to staff, calling us, or dropping us an email. If you would prefer to arrange a time to come and discuss anything with us, please feel free to contact us to arrange this.

My child needs regular medication will the staff first know what to do?

If your child needs to take any medication while at nursery, please talk to us so that we can arrange relevant paperwork that allows us permission to administer medication to the child.
Please see the Care Inspectorate Management of medication in daycare guide for further information.

I know some of the staff at the nursery so can I just text them to let them know my wee one will be off sick?

We require you to contact the nursery itself by phone on the morning of each day of absence if your child is going to be unable to attend nursery for any reason.