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Lynda Middleton

Pre-School Manager

I came to the profession late in life and started as a practitioner in 2005, because my interest in child development became my passion when I became a parent, and I wanted to learn as much as I could.
Children fascinate me and never fail to surprise me. I have had lots of life experience and can transfer so much of that into my work, especially since I came to work here as a manager six years ago. Every day is so varied. I'm proud to lead a team who are so committed to early learning and childcare and encourage shared leadership within the team to provide everyone with experience and opportunities to build on their own skills and professional development.
My favourite things to do is to play with and watch the children having fun as they play. So often you can't anticipate what they will do next and they are always full of surprises. I strive to develop supportive relationships with children and families and to be as helpful as I can to make our families' experiences the best we can provide here.


BA Childhood Practice
HNC Early Learning and Childcare

Christine Leadbeater

Service Co-Ordinator

Since school I was in no doubt that I wanted to work with young children, I have been incredibly privileged to support children in their learning and wellbeing all my career.
I am passionate about play and I still love to play. I recognise play as being the only way young children learn and develop well. I love telling and reading stories with the children. Young minds are fascinating and incredible when encouraged to use their imagination.
More recently I have been just as interested and commited to supporting parents and families too.
I can usually be found in the office or located at Dumfries Toy Library.


Scottish Nursery Nurses Exam Board
SVQ4 in Management and Leadership

Denise Hair

Senior Practitioner

I have been at playworks for 19 years and before that I was at Gingerbread for 5 years.
Working in early years childcare is the most rewarding job. Knowing you made a difference to childrens lives helping them to become confident learners is so rewarding.
I really love working one to one with children helping them develop their confidence and skills. I am passionate about books and love storytelling activities, having fun with language and expanding childrens imagination through stories.
I have completed the training to become a communication champion, enabling me to help children progress and develop language skills.
Two days a week I run stay and play sessions at the Lochside Family Center, working with parents and children who range from birth to 4 years. It is very rewarding seeing how the children interact with their parents.


HNC Early Learning and Childcare

Hasmuhki Naik

Senior Practitioner

The reason I come to work every day is for the joy and fun experiences of caring, being positive, motivated and creative with the children.
Sharing knowledge and experiences with parents and supporting them. I also really like gaining knowledge and experiences from other experts to promote the wellbeing and development of our future generations.


BA Business Administration with Marketing
HNC Early Learning and Childcare

Trudy Craig

Local Authority
Senior Practitioner

One of the reasons why I chose to become an early learning and childcare practitioner is that there is nothing more rewarding than to see a child learn something for the first time and to know I contributed to that learning.
I thoroughly enjoy getting outdoors with the children, enabling them to be creative with our surroundings and using their imagination to turn nothing into something incredible.


BA Childhood Studies